The backsplash is a true focal point; it is the real opportunity for a homeowner to express their originality and personality. There are countless options, but finding the perfect backsplash can truly define a space and add a real beauty to a kitchen. It is always an enjoyable process when selecting a backsplash for a kitchen because it allows for creativity to be showcased. Although, there are some basic points to consider such as; making sure the countertop pairs up nicely with the backsplash is essential. The style of fixtures and hardware should also play a role into inspiring that high impact backsplash. Otherwise, have fun and pick something that makes you happy.

At M2 Tile & Stone, we feature a wide selection of contemporary and fun glass mosaics in a nice assortment of colours. We also, have a nice a collection of different marble mosaics in a number of sizes. Lately, we have noticed a great deal of interest and appreciation for our “handmade” looking tiles. These beautiful Italian made ceramic wall tiles are found in a number of sizes offered in a sophisticated colour pallet. These unique series offer such versatility because in once sense they are antique looking, yet the modern colours allow them to suit any space, offering the best of both worlds.