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Yes, we do offer trade discounts to Contractors, Builders, Designers, Architects, and other tile professionals. Please contact our store directly for more information.
To register your business, visit us in our showroom and bring your business card or business details. We require basic information such as Company Name, Company Address, and Contact Information.
We provide complimentary sample swatches since we believe seeing the product in your own space, in your lighting throughout different times of the day, will help you make your decision. The swatches are a small piece cut from the tile for a general colour reference and contains all pricing and sizing information about it. We want to make sure you truly love the product before you purchase.
We keep the majority of our tiles in stock in our warehouse, which is directly located at the rear of our building. Tiles are typically readily available for same-day pick up, with the exception of special order or back-ordered items.
Yes, we do offer delivery services within the GTA. Delivery fees range depending on location and size of the order.
Yes, if you are not already working with a designer, we do offer in-store design services. Our staff are more than happy to assist with all your needs; whether you just need some design direction or an extensive design service package. If you are a designer, our team will be in collaboration with you in collecting samples and visual materials to present clients.
We encourage clients to gather as many ideas and inspirations as they can. Have an idea of the square footage you require for the space, making sure to account for wastage. Bring any paint samples, countertop options, cabinet samples that you have to provide a complete picture. Don’t have it? Don’t worry about it! Our design consultants will be happy to help you achieve the look you want for your space!


The difference between natural stone and porcelain can be slight in visual appearance but there are some significant differences. Porcelain tile requires no maintenance, whereas any natural stone requires a sealant since the surface is porous and susceptible to staining. Both natural stone and porcelain tile can be used in wet or dry environments. The pros of porcelain is that it is maintenance free. The pros of natural stone is that it is unlike any man-made material and holds beauty that sometimes only a natural material can achieve.
The term dye-lot is used to identify tile from different shipments or batch of production. It is natural to have variations in size, colour, and/or pattern from batch to batch of tile, as it is man-made.
We always recommend ordering your tile ahead of time to ensure it is reserved for you when you need it. Ordering all of your tile at once will prevent you from having any mixed dye-lots.
Tiles imported from Italy or Spain are typically made with higher quality porcelain. The material itself is much denser, durable, and slip-resistant. The standards for pattern, colour definition, and sizing accuracy is more regulated. Due to the high standards set by our European products, we carefully select any material from China or Turkey from reputable manufacturers to ensure they are comparable.
The term rectified means that the tile has a precise 90 degree, smooth edge. This allows you to achieve thin grout lines of up to 1/16”. A non-rectified edge has a slight bevel. A rectified edge is preferred when you want minimal grout lines, typically seen on porcelain tiles. Non-rectified edges are typically seen on ceramic wall tile as it is not necessary to do tight grout lines.
The V-Shade classification indicates the level of variance in tone, shade, and texture between every tile in a single production run. It runs from a scale of V1 to V4: V1 has little or no change from piece to piece whereas a V4 has drastic differences. Generally plain black and plain white glossy tiles are V1 due to the smaller margin of error in production. Tiles with a V4 rating are preferred to achieve a more handcrafted, natural look with less repetition in colour and patterns.
There are different methods of testing slip resistance and when browsing through our products, you will find two methods used: dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) or German Institute for Standardization (DIN) 51130. DCOF: this method of testing determines the friction level of flooring when wet, essentially measuring the conditions of walking on tile. See below general guidelines for this method: >0.42 – suitable for interiors that are dry or wet and level >0.60 – suitable for interiors that are dry or wet and level, and exteriors >0.65 – suitable for interiors that are dry or wet, and exteriors, and ramps and inclines DIN: results are determined through a ramp test that tests degree of slipperiness by slope. The ratings range from R9 at minimal friction (less than 10 degree slope) to R13 at very high friction (more than 35 degree slope). Please note: these guidelines do not necessarily measure overall level of safety of the flooring but are rather results from testing in a controlled environment.
Frost resistance measures the ability of tile to withstand freeze and thaw conditions, mainly contingent on its level of water absorption and porosity. The more moisture that penetrates the tile, as temperatures go down the freezing, the water expands and can cause cracks in the tile. This is a factor that must be considered when selecting flooring for outdoor applications in any area with freezing weather.


When buying tile, you need to account for any cuts, breakage, or possible mistakes during installation. It is also always recommended after installation to keep some spare boxes of the same dye lot on hand for any possible damage. The amount of waste will vary depending on the size of the tile and tile layout. The larger the tile and the more complex the tile layout is (herringbone, etc.), the more wastage is needed. The typical waste allowance is 10% of your required square footage. Still unsure? You could ask your contractor or one of our sales associates!
Yes, we stock everything from grout and mortar to heated floor systems.
We are authorized dealers of the following trusted brands: Aria Vents, Nuheat, Schluter, Mapei, Laticrete, Miracle Sealants, and Profilitec.
Any kind of marble or natural stone is porous and would require sealing to prevent any stains or moisture from penetrating and damaging the tile. Typically, stone tiles are sealed prior to grouting and continually throughout its life, depending on how frequently they are cleaned.
Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a manufactured product so they are not as porous as natural stone tiles. They are more durable and resistant to staining so they generally do not have to be sealed. For added protection, you may seal porcelain/ceramic tiles with an impregnator sealer.
The kind of tile you can use on the shower floor depends on the type of drain you’re using. With square or round drains, mosaic tiles are more suitable because their small size allows them to be easily sloped into the drain. With linear drains, the options expand to more large format tiles which allow for a more seamless, sleek design. However, always keep slip ratings in mind when selecting a larger tile for your shower floor. Typically, mosaic tiles are preferred since they are easier to lay and have more grout lines therefore adding more grip and stability on a floor that is often wet.
ANY tile can be used as a backsplash! Traditionally, ceramic subway tiles are used for backsplashes but the options are endless for your kitchen. Opt for larger format tiles or slabs to create a dramatic and cohesive look with less grout lines for easier cleaning. Pick natural stone mosaics that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your countertop and create an elegant look.

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